GNU's Not Unix

Home Keyboard

My HHKB on a keyboard tray with my CST trackball.

The main keyboard I use at home is a HHKB Pro 2. It came with fixed weight domes, but I recently swapped them for varied weight domes like my keyboard at work has. I used 70g domes on the modifiers, 35g domes for the keys your pinkies press, then 42g domes, then 45g domes for index finger keys.

Inside of a HHKB Pro 2 with different colored domes installed. Stock HHKB domes and the extra varied weight domes in a box.

Server Rack Keyboard

An IBM SpaceSaver II keyboard on top of my server rack, with a monitor.

I use an IBM SpaceSaver II keyboard with my servers. It's a membrane keyboard, but it doesn't feel terrible, and it has a good trackpoint for anything that needs a mouse. I got it for $10 from my university's surplus shop. It was connected to an old PS/2 KVM switch that controls all of the servers in the rack. I joined the kickstarter for the PiKVM v3 hat, and I connected it to a USB KVM switch to control my rack.

Work Keyboard

Black RealForce keyboard with white keycaps, next to a black CST trackball with a pool ball.

Here is the keyboard I use at work. It's a Topre RealForce 87UB with varied weight keys. I got it used, and I replaced the keycaps since they were worn down, and the stock caps have black text on black keys, which is difficult to read. I drilled holes through the numlock and caps keycap of the set I installed to let the indicator lights through.

Light shining through the caps lock key. Light shining through the numlock key. Keycaps with holes drilled through, next to the stock black keycap. Keycaps with holes drilled through, next to the stock black keycap. Chart to show the varied weighting on the keys of a realforce keyboard.
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