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51nb x2100

51nb x2100 thinkpad with xscreensaver running.

My main laptop is a 51nb x2100. It's a ThinkPad x200 with a modern motherboard and 3000x2000 screen hacked in. I installed a JIS keyboard, since I like the green text on the alt keys. It came with a glossy display from a ThinkPad x1 tablet, so I cut out an antiglare screen protector with a utility knife to give it a matte finish.

Display Mods

1440p mod board installed in a thinkpad.

I have insatlled display mod boards in a few thinkpads. The first board I tried was Nitrocaster's mod board. It worked well, but only supports 1080p displays. Later I got another board off of TaoBao that supports 1440p displays.

1440p display showing a TTY, the default text size is a bit small. 1440p display connected to the mod board, before the lid was reassembled. Attaching the mod boartd.

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